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Data Security Systems Solutions Pte Ltd (DS3) is a leading provider of authentication solutions and cryptographic products to banks, governments and enterprises worldwide. Founded in 1998 by a team of visionaries with 60 years of R&D experience in information security, DS3 has a stellar record of delivering reliable end-to-end solutions to more than 100 clients in 22 countries. Its impressive list of clientele includes many prominent banks and financial institutions, including seven of the Global Finance’s top 50 safest banks. DS3 has been recently acquired by Gemalto Pte Ltd (Gemalto), a world leader in digital security, and is now a part of Gemalto’s eBanking division.

We offer integrated solutions that provide authentication and end-to-end encryption for online banking and remote transactions. Our flagship product, the Authentication Server, now known as the Gemalto Ezio Server, is a prominent two-factor authentication appliance that is token-agnostic, compliant with many open standards, and easy-to-integrate. It is used by our clients to authenticate millions of online users every day, authorize remote access and transactions, and comply with security and regulatory standards.  


As part of Gemalto, we strive to combine the strengths, products and technologies of the two companies to create an industry-leading portfolio that reinforces our position as the most versatile eBanking security solution worldwide. 


DS3 is now part of Gemalto:

Gemalto is at the heart of our evolving digital society. We give billions of people the security to make the most of their digital lifestyle; and the freedom to communicate, travel, shop, bank, entertain and work – anytime, anywhere – in ways that are convenient, enjoyable and secure.


Gemalto eBanking provides solutions that allow people everywhere to prove their identity and intentions online, solutions that are part of the Gemalto online banking suite – the Ezio Suite.


The Ezio Suite embraces a wide range of different methodologies and devices - that are designed to mitigate even the most advanced fraud attacks, build customer relationships and thereby help banks reach their business goals. The eBanking offer encompass complete solutions of back-end software and services and a range of end-user authentication tools such as hardware tokens, mobile applications and mobile software development kits.


Common characteristics of Gemalto’s Ezio Suite of online banking solutions and services include scalability, flexibility, modularity and ease of implementation, that are designed to be future-proof, supporting seamless upgrades and the introduction of new products and services by banks. An approach strengthened by the Ezio Server, a multi-channel, multi-token and vendor-agnostic authentication solution that supports all forms of authentication technologies. 


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